What Sets Us Apart

A&I lives up to its corporate position statement “Small enough to know you, big enough to serve you.”

  • There is a lack of bureaucracy often experienced with larger companies
  • Employees are empowered to problem solve and strive toward first call resolution
  • We have robust technology and an on-site compliance officer to serve the needs of our clients

A&I leadership and all employees are accountable to our clients; we truly care about their needs and the customer experience.

  • We are independently owned (no private equity firm to answer to)
  • We value integrity, and make things right for our clients
  • Our relationship managers are a trusted, knowledgeable partner and provide faster resolution because of their experience in our industry

A&I brings value to our clients through high quality custom services; providing flexibility and protection against financial losses.

  • We provide custom products for our clients, such as private labeled websites
  • We provide financial protection in several ways, such as quality control programs and fraud prevention

A&I has an extremely talented and passionate leadership team that is comparable to our national competitors.

  • Our leadership team conducts annual strategic business planning and participates in key business decisions
  • Members of our leadership team are frequent speakers with industry organizations