Taft-Hartley Administration

A&I has been administering Taft-Hartley groups since 1954. A&I is different and can offer you a service model you will not find with other third party administrators. Our clients count on us to provide the highest quality service, be a partner in solving ever more complicated problems, and ensure regulatory compliance, while providing protection from financial losses.

We work with a variety of industries, such as building trades, marine, printing, timber, automobile, healthcare, office workers, machinists, teamsters and longshoremen.

Our office is represented by the OPEIU Local 11 and we have several employees who have been with the company 10, 15, even 20+ years. We know how important our role is in ensuring the success of the Trust. We see it as the role of the Trust Administrator to facilitate collaboration with the plan service providers; ensure all the information and data needed by each plan service provider is provided correctly and timely; and that the Board receives all the information needed in a timely manner so that Trust meetings can be efficient and effective.

We offer the following Taft-Hartley services:

  • Health & Welfare Administration
  • Defined Benefit/Defined Contribution Pension Administration
  • Vacation Trust Administration
  • Reciprocity Administration
  • Employer Contribution Collection
  • Delinquency Management
  • Reserve Dollar and Hour Bank Administration
  • QDRO Processing
  • Trust Meeting Coordination
  • Trust Handbook Maintenance
  • New Trustee Orientation
  • Full Financial Statements and Accounting Services
  • Government Reporting
  • Annual Pension Verification Process with Retirees

We give our clients close, personal service and easy access to the team members servicing their plan. Our service teams are trained on the specifics of each of the plans that they are assigned to work with and we pay close attention to the details. In our environment, the owners and leadership team are highly involved in many of the day-to-day operations and serve as a resource to both the client and the consultant.

Each of our clients is also assigned a Trust Administrator that works closely with the Trustees and plan professionals to ensure coordination of efforts and overall success of the Trust. The Trust Administrator also works very closely with the entire A&I service team to ensure services are delivered timely, accurately, and in accordance with the service agreement.