Carla Fitzsimmons

Vice President of Operations

Carla Fitzsimmons has over 30 years of experience in Information Technology and Operations, she oversees all operational aspects of the company by providing leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the company has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, people and systems in place to effectively run and grow the organization and ensure financial strength and operating efficiency and effectiveness. She directly manages all Operations.

Carla’s professional experiences have included working for a regional healthcare management company, a large insurance company, utility company, banking, steel industry, and wood products and lumber company. Her projects have successfully produced cross coverage of 1500 users across 4 states in 60 offices providing 24/7 support, a retraining program that retooled individuals in new skills and enabled them to be repositioned in key roles within the company, and a testing organization focused on a major project implementation which resulted in an award granted by the Portland Project Management Institute for best ran team in a complex project, multi-million dollar projects such as implementing VOIP, IVR’s, and major conversion of complex systems.

Carla is a graduate of the Society of Information Management’s Regional Leadership Forum and takes part in a local Leadership Roundtable. She enjoys golfing and giving back to her community by serving as a board member for Metropolitan Family Service, where their vision is a world where children never go hungry, young people are always educated, families are financially stable, older adults remain connected and all humans are healthy, happy and cared for.